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Hi friends!


If you are here, it means you received my email and read about my special offer.

Thank you for being here.


As a non-essential business, aside from all the #covidcleaning I've managed to complete, I have also spent lots of time behind the scenes trying to come with creative ways to serve you and get my back to doing what I love: photographing you and your beautiful loved ones.


As a way of getting back to the photography portion of my business, expanding my portfolio and serving you, I have a list of experiences available to you and all the details are below.


As mentioned in my email, COVID has impacted us all in some way. Some of you are now homeschooling for the first time, some of you are working from home and homeschooling for the first time, and some of you may not be working at all. 


I have no way of knowing how this has affected you financially, but I do know that I don’t want anyone missing out on a professional photography experience because your budget is being prioritized to making rent/mortgage payments; utilities and food. 


For those not experiencing financial hardship, there are experiences for you as well. Again, experiences range from ‘Complimentary’ to ‘I Support You 100%’


It’s a Win-Win situation in my opinion.


If you pay nothing, you get a customized photography experience and all the best images from your session. When you share your work and share kinds words about your experience, that helps me too.


If you choose a paid experience, not only will your kinds words and shared images help me, you also financially help support a small, local business. One that my little family benefits from :)


So, if you have a special occasion coming up that you want documented; if you have an important milestone or birthday you want captured, or if you simply realize it’s time to update the family photos, take a look below. There is an experience for everyone. And I mean everyone. 

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