So you have questions. I hear ya. Fortunately, I have some answers for you.


Below is a list of the questions I get asked the most about the experiences I offer.

I hope you find this helpful in making a decision about booking a lifestyle or Day In The Life (DITL) documentary experience and planning for our time together. And if you don't find, your answer here, I am happy to answer any lingering questions you may still have.

Time to explore...

A lesbian couple outdoors in a field tossing their 6 month old daughter in the air.

What kind of photographer am I?

For title purposes, I am a Lifestyle & Day In The Life (DITL) documentary photographer.

What that translates to: I am a minimalist at heart and it rolls over into my work.

I use minimal equipment using natural light at the location of your choice.

As a photographer, I like to capture moments. 

It's important that we embrace this time as a time of intentional engagement. A time for hugging, squeezing, cuddling, playing, and lots of laughter with your loved ones.

It is not my intent to make you look perfect or insist that your children respond a certain way.  Instead, I will show you that you, your children, and your loved ones are perfect exactly as you are. Together we will capture beautiful, authentic memories.

What should I expect on the day of my lifestyle session?

Expect to have a comfortable, enjoyable, fully engaged experience. I know how uncomfortable it can be being in front of a camera, which is why it's so important to me that I create an experience you will enjoy and feel comfortable with. During a lifestyle photography session, I will chat with you, guide you, make suggestions, and encourage you to keep being you. Once the initial awkwardness wears off, the rest unfolds organically. 


What will my lifestyle session be like?

Lifestyle photography is unique because it not only captures what you look like at a certain point in time, it captures who you are. I aim to capture authentic images of you, your family, and your children. The goal is not to get stiff and posed shots with everyone looking at the camera, but to capture you. I aim to create images that will become works of art that you can proudly hang in your home,  show off from your coffee table, and pass down for generations. 


Looking and smiling at the camera is optional ;) 

Where will my lifestyle session be held?

It's your choice. I am always open to any location. You should choose a location that fits your style and personality. I can help you along with this decision if you'd like suggestions. 


How long will my lifestyle session last?

I like to plan for up to 2-hours, but things usually wrap up in less time. 2-hours provides ample time to chat, allows us time to warm up to each other and the camera, and allows for small location changes--if needed. 


Where will my newborn session be held?

Most lifestyle in-home newborn photography sessions take place in the comfort of your home. This eliminates the concern of weather conditions and the chore of packing up all-things to get somewhere on time. Lots of available natural light is preferred for these sessions, but a flash may be used as well. Late mornings and early afternoons are preferable because that is when homes are usually lit up the best. 

We are now living in an era of COVID. This has changed many things--proximity being one of them. I trust you will honor your comfort level during these times and decide whether an outdoor session may be preferable. Please know, I too will honor your comfort level and comply :)


What time should I schedule a lifestyle photography session?

Outdoor lifestyle photography sessions are scheduled within 2-hours of sunset. This time of day is called "The Golden Hour" and it provides the best lighting for outdoor photography sessions. The light is typically too harsh midday so shooting during sunset hours remedies this. The time of year (and geographical location) will ultimately determine our starting time.

In-Home Newborn sessions begin late morning/early afternoon when natural light is most available indoors. These sessions last up to 2-hours allowing plenty of time for changings, feedings, and soothing--if necessary--without feeling rushed.


What is a Day In The Life (DITL)  Documentary Experience?

Day In The Life (DITL) coverage is a true documentary photography experience. There is no posing, no guiding--simply an unfiltered documentation of your day-to-day life.


These are near and dear to my heart.


For families with small children, it's all about capturing you as you are in that moment: the disheveled hair, the stretchy pants, the attempts to put yourself together; the tears, the laughter, the negotiating, the parenting, and the sharing of your daily responsibilities. 


It's a unique opportunity to capture you--all of you--together & engaged--and for you to see the beauty in the everyday chaos that is life and parenting. These, I feel, will be most appreciated years down the road.


Expect this experience to last up to 8-hours (a custom experience can be catered to your coverage needs). Coverage time is decided by you depending on what you want me to capture: early morning wake-ups and breakfast; after naptime; playtime and fun family outings; mommy or daddy coming home from work; dinner, bath, and bedtime. Maybe you have kids away at college, or a spouse who's work takes them away from home for an extended amount of time. You get to decide what's important to you. I get to document it all ;)

A Day In The Life (DITL) documentary photography experience isn't just about parenting--it's capturing life. These are also great for business owners looking to document their team, their products, the behind-the-scenes look at all the hard work that goes into your labor-of-love. It's an opportunity to document and share with your audience and capture these stages and phases of growth for you--because sometimes we just don't see just how beautiful the journey really is. 


What should I wear for a lifestyle session?

That is up to you too, however, I will suggest avoiding bright colors, matching attire, and big bold prints. Think neutrals.  Most importantly, clothing should be comfortable, should coordinate and reflect who you are.

How do I prepare the kids for a Lifestyle photography session?

Get them excited and informed about your session! Tell them what will happen. Talk about it in the days leading up to your session date. Tell them we are going to play and have a really fun time.

Tell them about me! That I will be there to capture them playing and I will ask them to do some things like hug mom/dad/sibling(s) & ask them to sit and stand in different ways. 

Show them pictures that you already have of them, even if it's iPhone photos. This will give them a visual idea of what we will be doing. 

Make sure they are rested and well-fed. I don't encourage bribery, but I have been guilty of using it with my own children when they were small. Instead, tell them this is a family event, and that the entire family will (grab their favorite foods, play a game when you get home, free play after the session...). Whatever excites your littles!

Naps are also helpful if sessions are late in the evenings (think long summer days), that way they are well-rested. If your children do not nap, simply clear your schedule pre-photoshoot. Make this your main event! Remember, this is an experience and it is scheduled, intentional time for bonding and fun.  

Do you require a deposit?

Yes. Every session requires a 25% non-refundable deposit, along with a signed contract, to book your session. Doing this secures your date making it unavailable to others. The deposit is applied to your balance (not extra) with the remaining *due by your session date.


* if extensive travel is involved, final payments are prepaid ahead of session date according to contract

What if it rains?

Each situation is unique, so I will be in touch with you to discuss options. Generally speaking, if it is raining 2-hours before your scheduled outdoor session, we will reschedule at your earliest convenience.


Will I get the digital photos from my session?

Yes! I don't believe in limiting your choices to a select few. These images are your memories which is why every session includes all the best, edited high-resolution images uploaded to an online gallery for you to view, print, download, and share freely! 

You will get color images with a select few in black and white.

Also included in select photography experiences family, newborn, day in the life, elopements): 

(1) custom hardcover photo album* with up to 20 images from your session


*this offer is available only when paying full price and is not included in lifestyle personal branding/headshot sessions or event coverage

When will I get my images?

With each season comes a different level of demand. During busier seasons turnaround is a bit longer. For lifestyle photography sessions, I ask that you give me up to 6-weeks and up to 8-weeks for Day In The Life documentary experiences to receive all of the best, edited hi-resolution digital files uploaded to your gallery.


An additional 6-8 weeks is needed for the creation and delivery for a custom photo album (if applicable) after digital images have been delivered. While this may seem like a long time, I'm a one-woman show, and I personally edit your images & curate the albums. You can expect a Sneak Peek within a week ;)

How can I order prints and products?

Once you have access to your digital files, you can order prints directly from your online gallery. I have priced them competitively to encourage you to print high-quality images from a professional lab without sacrificing quality. However, the images are yours and you are free to choose any lab for your print needs.


What's the best way to inquire about booking?

Another great question! Head on over to my contact page and fill out the form. It is a no-pressure, no-obligation way to reach out to me expressing your photography interests.

I do not appreciate pushy sales tactics, and you won't get that from me. It is important to me that you find the right photographer for your needs--whoever that may be--but I am happy to answer any of your Lifestyle & Day In The Life documentary photography questions :)

Ready to create an experience together?