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Welcome to School Photography, Refined Christmas 2020.

I'm Jennifer--a local Lifestyle & Day In The Life photographer.  My work is mostly made up of children and families, but my primary focus is on connection, capturing the love, beauty & joy each and every family experiences uniquely. School Photography Refined was born out of wanting to offer an authentic, lifestyle approach to children's school portraits. Something simple, genuine and unique. Photos that families will want to buy and share with family and friends. 

My goal here is to provide a custom, refined school photography experience to all families attending the schools that have chosen Jennifer Ann Photography to photograph their students. 

My intent is to capture the spirit of your children in front of the camera. I will never force a smile or suggest awkward poses or faces. I prefer to provide a quick, comfortable, and fun experience for the children where they can feel relaxed and be themselves. Simply put--it's all about capturing the children, authentically, on that day. The results are genuine and timeless portraits that are far from the traditional school photos you may have become accustomed to.  



What to expect:

Uniquely to this Christmas session, each child will be photographed against a solid white backdrop with Christmas tree limbs added post-session. If your child is interested, snow-blowing photos will be taken as well, with the snow added post-session. This option is solely dependent on the child and will not be forced. 


Each child is guaranteed 2-5 images in color and in black & white. The number of images delivered is completely dependent on the child, as are the facial expressions. My approach to School Photography is lifestyle. This means that I aim to capture your child’s unique personality on camera. Some children are more comfortable than others in front of the camera—and that’s ok. It’s what makes them unique. So, while I will make some suggestions and guide them, ultimately what I aim to capture is whatever comes naturally to them. This is Lifestyle Photography :) 

Aside from picture day, this is a completely online operation. Once images are edited and ready for viewing, I will email links so you can access your online gallery. This is also where orders will be placed if you are interested.  To ensure privacy, each child will have their own gallery. Again, the number of images provided is completely dependent on the child. It is all about capturing the child as they are in that moment. 

Within the gallery, you have the option to purchase individual images, all images, or a Collection of images for savings. Images will be available for digital downloads (singles or all) and/or print products. Products will be available within the gallery for purchases.  Shipping and sales tax will be calculated upon checkout

What will these holiday photos look like?

This holiday season, your child's photo will have Christmas tree limbs framing the image. This is an added feature and placement and type of tree limbs added will be left to the artist’s discretion. This is also what will make your images unique.


Some photos will have snow. If—and only if—the child is interested in creating a scene where they will pretend to blow snow, you will see these in your gallery as well. Some children may not be interested in this. Again—that is ok. If you would like this image, talk to your child(ren) about this opportunity, then, if your child gives me the “ok”, you will find them in your gallery. If they do not see any images with snow, the child was not interested. I will not force or make them do anything they are not comfortable doing. I want this to be an enjoyable experience for them :)


You can see sample photos above for a visual representation of what these may look like.

How should my child(ren) dress for picture day?

The holidays are quickly approaching. This school portrait session is scheduled and created with that in mind. Because I am aiming to capture a Christmas-y, wintery scene with a white backdrop (indoors), what the child wears for this session can greatly add to the magic/feel of this portrait session. November is tricky. We can have unusually warm days or cold days. That is unpredictable at this time. I would highly suggest that each child(ren) dress for this session or have them bring simple accessories that will enhance the photo’s appearance. For example: each child can wear a sweater (that can be removed or added if it's warm), or bring in a non-descript coat, scarf, knitted cap and/or gloves. Choose one or all—that is up to you. Coats, scarves, caps, and gloves are easy to accessorize just for the photo session. Think simple, solid, muted colors that won’t distract from the scene.

How do I get these photos?

Digital photos will be uploaded to an online gallery where you can view images, order prints and print collections, and download images. You will have the option to purchase a single digital image or all digital images. Ordering is completely optional. A link to access their gallery will be emailed to you within 2 weeks. The gallery will be open for print purchases for 1-week. After that, only digitals downloads will be available for purchase. 


How much should I expect to pay for this session?

The session itself is free. There is no sitting fee to participate. You only pay for the images you want—if any. An email address for each child will be required in order for you to access your gallery. This will enable you to view their images and make purchases. See the School Photography Refined Christmas 2020  price guide for a list of all available products and pricing. 


What ages do you accommodate? 

I work with kids from preschool to middle school (ages: 2-14). Children under 2 should be able to sit on a stool or stand on their own. My backdrop does not roll out to the floor so these are not designed for floor sitting. 

Are the images expensive?

Professional photography can be an investment. For my School Photography, Refined Christmas 2020 services, I have competitive rates to make images affordable while upholding the same professional quality I offer with my other photo printing services. The best part—nothing is due upfront with no minimum order requirement. All profit is made from ordering. I offer a variety of collections and individual products to fit your needs. Click the link below for sample product and price sheet:


School Photography Refined | Christmas 2020 Products & Pricing

(*please note, prices are subject to change). 

What if I have questions or need help viewing and/or printing my images?

Please direct all questions regarding images to me. Your child's school is only providing the time, space, and opportunity for this holiday session. Feel free to contact me at:

Jennifer A. Steiger

Jennifer Ann Photography

I will gladly assist you any way I can :) 

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