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A Personal Project into Self-Exploration | Week One | NC Lifestyle & DITL Photographer

Updated: Nov 21, 2019

November 20, 2019

There are few things and people in life that truly inspire me creatively.

The kind of inspiration that I feel in the depths of my soul; in every cell of my body; and woven within every fiber of my being.

When something or someone moves me, I feel it.

In my venture into professional photography, I began with the inspiration to inspire others.

To create and capture something that was easily overlooked within themselves; to find beauty in the everyday; to document moments and memories that spoke to the soul.

I sought to capture something I was lacking myself.

And so it began. The long journey to professionalism.

I'm not entirely certain as to what defines professionalism. I'm always learning and nurturing my art. I still seek inspiration. It’s imperative to my growth and it challenges me to do better and be better.

And it comes in many forms:





Positive quotes and affirmations

Business Mentors

Photography mentors

Friends & family

And each has influenced my growth and success in some way.

Then, just last week, while learning and applying new things within my business, I was led to a photographer whose work moved me (Bethany Sams Photography | @bethanysamsphotography). Which in turn, led to another photographer that moved me in another way.

Once again, I recognized something I was lacking.

Her self-expression spoke to me. It reached the depths of my soul; was absorbed by every cell in my body and wove itself into every fiber of my being.

I was overcome with emotions I haven’t felt in a long time.

Her work found a direct path to my heart and soul

And I knew, in that instant, that this was something I had to do.

She calls her personal projects: 365 (a self-portrait a day) & Project 52 (a self-portrait a week). I have no name for mine just yet, but it’s a venture into self-awareness; self-exploration; positive self-imagery and a way to honestly document myself—weekly.

To those of you reading this…

Here’s to loving yourself.

All the flaws.

All the scars.

All the pain.

All the joy.

All the wrinkles.

All that one might see in an image, but most importantly, what it makes you feel.

Here’s to being vulnerable and completely ok with it.

Photo Credit: Ashlyn Z. Steiger (@vegetableconspiracies)

My multi-talented 16-year old.

She sees me.

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