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Big. Bold. Decisions.

Updated: Aug 6, 2019

An Intimate Wedding at Cadillac Ranch | Burlington, NC
Something borrowed. Something blue.

If you follow along with my social media pages, then you already know what this "big, bold" decision is. If not--thank you for being here. This post is intended to elaborate on just that ;)

It has not been a secret across close family and friends, but I've struggled--resisted, really--to put it into words and out into the world.

So what is it?

This year I made the decision to no longer shoot weddings.

And let me tell you--it was not an easy decision to come to.

When I think about the relationships I've developed with my brides--sometimes a year or more of planning, emailing, chatting, meeting and sharing in the excitement. When I think about the friends and families I've met; the beautiful locations, the amazing vendors; the delicious foods; the exchange of love-filled words and the very first moment when a couple becomes husband and wife. When I think about all these things, it's hard to say "no". It's hard to think about a business without those moments.

Yet deep down inside me there has been a nagging voice; an undeniable pull I no longer can ignore. As much as I love weddings and all the beautiful things that come with it, my heart is deeply invested in families.

I am a very private person.

I don't share much of my life's experiences publicly. I've always reserved that for my close friends or when I feel like someone can learn and or relate from what I share.

I'm going to step out of my comfort zone here and share some truths with you here.

Anyone that knows me personally, knows I am not one that simply follows tradition. While I respect those that do, I've always done things a little differently.

I started a family before I was married.

In all honesty, I never planned to marry.

And then I met someone that challenged that belief. And we married.

It was never about the wedding.

It was simply about me and my husband-to-be and my immediate family. A very intimate affair.

It was never about the dress, the party, the food or the venue--it was simply about love.

Two people coming together as one.

I am simple, yet practical.

And the most important thing in my life is my family.

Family comes first.

Always has.

Always will.

So, to get back to my roots--to what is really true to me & reflecting of my values, I've chosen to focus on families--whatever that looks like.


Not married.



A Day in "Your" Life.

This is where my heart is. This is where I thrive. And if I direct all my time and energy into what makes my soul shine, it really benefits us all.


An Intimate Wedding at Cadillac Ranch | Burlington NC | Jennifer Ann Photography
The rings. Circular in shape & symbolizing infinity. Endless and eternal as love should be.

An Intimate Wedding at Cadillac Ranch | Burlington NC | Jennifer Ann Photography
Oh--that look!

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