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Family. It's More Than You Think || NC Lifestyle & DITL Photographer

May 29, 2020


By definition alone it is ‘a group of people related by blood or marriage’; ‘decedents of a common ancestor’. I have come to recognize that it is something much deeper and meaningful than you can define. As I struggled to express what I’ve been thinking and feeling about those that don’t fit into that definition, I stumbled across Jus L’amore who states in her post entitled: The True Meaning of Family and I found my inspiration. I found the words I wanted to share yet struggled to express. She says, family “is about love, compassion, and support. […] Friends are the family you choose” and “friendships are our chance in life to choose the human beings we want to surround ourselves with, becoming the family members we want to have.”

This resonated deeply with me.

I have raw, honest, profound relationships with people that go deeper than friendship and I have developed relationships with clients that make the word 'client’ feel offensive to these lips.

And here, before you, is one example. One out of many.

Beth and Sam—thank you for recognizing me as family. The sentiment is the same.

To all my clients and friends—I hope you know you are much more.

Family comes in many forms and you have all become a part of mine.

My gratitude is extended to you.


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