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How Photography Has Changed Me | Charlotte Area Lifestyle Newborn + Family Photographer

Updated: Sep 4, 2019

Albemarle, NC In-Home Lifestyle Newborn Session with both parents embracing newborn baby
Welcome, Etta B. | Albemarle, NC In-Home Lifestyle Newborn Session

I got into photography like most.

I wanted to capture my children in their natural state.

I wanted to document all the things:

Their unique personalities;

The scrapes and bruises;

The tears and the smiles;

Playtime and naptime.

The milestones too.

I didn’t want to miss a thing.

But I wasn’t finding that option from the photographers around me.

It was all studio and posed.

Getting dressed up in clothes they wouldn’t normally wear.

That’s when I picked up the camera and decided to capture what was meaningful to me:




It’s a long story and it’s been an extensive journey, but ultimately—for me—I feel it all happened at precisely the right time.

I’m still growing and changing and moving forward, but once I made the transition from hobby to pro, something else had changed:


My purpose.

My “why”.

I no longer wanted to chase a dream just to create a sustainable career doing something I loved.

I realized that I want to serve others.

I want to deliver the same passion I feel with my own children and share that with others.

Others like me.

Looking for meaningful, intimate imagery.

Searching for an experience.

Seeking to document their love.

Wanting to freeze time—time that is fleeting.

And relive it over and over again.

Our children grow.

Life happens.

Phases come and go.

We have this one amazing life.

It deserves to be seen and captured as it is.






If you’re curious about how I can serve you, I’d love to hear from you:

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