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Meet the Newest Member of the Cain Family: Ruby

Updated: Aug 6, 2019

In-Home Lifestyle Newborn Session | Charlotte NC | Jennifer Ann Photography
Welcome, Ruby.

It was a relatively warm, December afternoon.

I was sooo excited to meet Ruby—the newest member of the Cain Family.

I was equally excited to see the previous family-of-3.

In my hour commute to their home, I contemplated all the possibilities of that day.

Ideas flooded my mind.

I made mental notes of the suggestions I wanted to share.

And then I arrived.

What I didn’t plan for was what I noticed before me.

There was construction that day.

Trucks and vans filled the driveway and the ones that didn’t fit, overflowed to the curb.

A crew was fully immersed in their craft.

Sheetrock was being hung;

Painting was taking way;

Tools were scattered amongst us.

The Cain Family was in the midst of major renovations, yet Luke & Chelsea welcomed me like an old friend.

They embraced the chaos around us.

They embraced me.

We laughed.

We smiled.

We played (with Miss Lucy).

And during our time together we temporarily overlooked the disorder around us.

Unless you were there, you would never know.

And the reason for this is simple:

They were engaged in the moments.

They were committed to that time—a time that is all too brief.

And during this time, as I watched all this transpire through my lens--in that moment--I had the privilege to document beautiful memories of a growing family—memories for them to cherish for a lifetime.

So, while it may have seemed impossible in the beginning; and while there may have been a few tears (after all, it was a newborn session), all was well in the end.

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