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Sunset Lifestyle Senior Session in New London NC


It’s a great privilege to be hired as a photographer for the milestones and special moments in life. When you are chosen again for the same family—that is compliment. A compliment to my work, the experience from start to finish and the connections made.

Take this Lifestyle Senior Photography session for instance.

Clay is at the start of his senior year.

The first time I set foot on this beautiful, wooded private property, was with his brother, Nick.

Both love the outdoors—from fishing, hunting, dirt-bike riding and more. And this property has been the source of many shared memories.

We revisited the creek; found our way among the new pines and the mature ones.

And while the session may have taken place at the same location, each session was as unique as my client.

The intent is to always emphasize each person’s interests & personality while using the elements around us—including some of Mom & Dad's requests too ;)

Clay—thank you for being such a great subject. You openly expressed your trust in me and allowed me the creative freedom to document one of many milestones in your life. It was an honor to capture these moments.

Wishing you all the best in your Senior Year and in the next transition in life.

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