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The Best Time of Year to Book a Photography Experience | Charlotte Lifestyle + DITL Photographer

Updated: Oct 10, 2020

*Updated October 10, 2020

Kannapolis NC | Lifestyle In-Home Newborn Photography

This is a really good question to pose when planning a photography experience, and it gets asked often. Second only to “what is the best time of day” and “what location do you recommend”.

Although it may seem like there are better times of the year than others to book a Lifestyle or Day In the Life (DITL) experience, in my opinion, any time of year is a great time to schedule intentional time with your family.

What I recommend considering before booking

1. What type of session are you interested in booking? If it’s an outdoor lifestyle session, consider what you would like to wear. If light & bright are your thing, think Spring and Summer. If you prefer layers, and deeper, richer colors, consider the Fall and Winter seasons.

2. If you're booking a Day In The Life Experience or In-Home Newborn Session

For a Day In the Life (DITL) experience or In-Home Newborn session, there is even less to consider when planning. In-home newborn sessions are not weather, or season restricted since they take place in the comfort of your home. DITL experience are the same. A Day in the Life session is a true documentary experience capturing you and your life exactly as your are at that time. This can take place in your home, on the go, or both—the choice is yours. Again, outdoor elements do not rank priority when scheduling Day In The Life and In-Home Newborn sessions unless there is some part of your session that you would like me to capture outdoors:

3. What time of day would you prefer scheduling your session?

For outdoor lifestyle photography, sessions being approximately 2-hours before sunset. This time, by far, offers the most flattering lighting for portraits. Spring/Summer sessions can start as late at 7:30pm, while Fall/Winter sessions can begin as early at 3pm. In-Home Newborn sessions being late morning/early afternoon to take advantage of the most available natural light in your home. Day In the Life (DITL) experiences being depending on what you want to capture in the 6-hours we will be together.

What if is raining during our outdoor session?

We can reschedule your outdoor lifestyle session f it is raining.

Without reiterating all the above, you may also want to consider the location you would like your session to take place.

All that being said, the takeaway is this: there really isn’t a best time of year to schedule time to capture memories of you and your loved ones. Anytime is a great time to tell your story because it is a beautiful one.

*Updated October 2020

COVID has changed the way we live and think about life, our health and our experiences. Please know, that your health and your safety concerns are extremely important to me. I am happy to comply with whatever makes you feel safe and comfortable within your home. Feel free to reach out to me with any questions and./or concerns you may have.

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