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What Is a Day In The Life Experience || Charlotte Day In The Life Photographer

*Updated December 01, 2020

Young girl riding her bike. Photographed outdoors and on location by Charlotte Lifestyle & Day In The Life Photographer Jennifer A Steiger of Jennifer Ann Photography

First, A Note from Jennifer...

A Day In The Life session is an experience and they are near and dear to me.

It's a photography experience I've been engaging in sporadically, and I feel it is now time to show up more with this body of work. It is raw and beautiful and real and the images and families that recognize the importance and value of this work, share a common value with me: the importance of proof that you were once young; of the sacrifices you made for your partner and your children; the caring, the giving, the loving. I do it because I recognize those missed opportunities in my own life--often overlooked, sacrifices gone unrecognized, moments lost in the moment, memories lost, no photo to document myself in love and anguish; the exhaustion that is parenting and work; the joy and the laughter--authentically.

This is really why I do it.

And when I immerse myself with families in an effort to capture a glimpse into their day, I feel at home. I am in my element. A sense of purpose engulfs me--more like an obligation to capture truth & love; to show that the seemingly average is not so average after all; and to seek and capture the tiniest of details that ultimately compose a greater story--a beautiful story. Your story.

It's so easy to not see it.

Easy to overlook.

Easy to get so caught up in the cycle of routines and responsibilities that we no longer recognize that beauty. We get a glimpse of it--a flutter; a feeling--and then it's gone. Ever so quickly. We don't get to document it because we are in it--as we should be, and this is the magic, the purpose, the greater goal. With a Day In The Life experience, I get to come in with fresh eyes--an outsider's perspective--with time and intent to capture what is real and honest and true. I get to document those moments you miss but are also very familiar with. I get to forever preserve a moment in time.

You work hard.

You love hard.

You parent fiercely.

And that deserves to be seen, cherished and preserved.

So, What is A Day In The Life (DITL) Experience?

A Day In The Life Session is a unique documentary experience.

It's an opportunity to capture your day-to-day: the joy; the tears. The laughter; the frustrations. It captures the most rewarding, yet utterly exhausting details of family life--in the comfort of your home, your favorite local playground--anywhere that is true to your day--uninterrupted. You are free to be fully engaged in your unique life and I am there to capture it.

A Day In The Experience (DITL) is Pure Documentary Photography

This is documentary photography at its purest. No posing. No prompting. No guidance. I simply observe and the results: real and honest photographs for you to cherish for a lifetime.

A Day In The Life (DITL) Experience is Real

Life is rarely poised with beautifully coordinating outfits and it's way too easy to get caught up in the chaos of life and forget how beautiful our journey really is. Allow me to capture your milestones, your messes, your everyday hustle--so you can look back and see just how beautiful and spectacular those moments really were.

What Do I Wear?

My focus is more on capturing you, and not what you wear. I suggest dressing in what makes you feel your best. It should be comfortable and something that accurately reflects you and our style--whatever that looks like to you.

How Should I Prepare?

Other than discussing this with your children--explaining that I am coming, what I will be doing, and get them excited about this experience--there is little else to prepare for. This experience is all about authenticity. It's about capturing you as you are in this moment in time.

If we will be documenting outside your home, like attending a child's dance class or private lesson, etc.,--any place that might include others (that is not the general public) I do ask that you let them know about this experience ahead of time--multiple times--and get permission when/where it is necessary.

When Will This Take Place?

That choice is yours. Currently, my Day In The Life Experiences last up to 6-hours. You may choose to reserve more time and I am happy to further customize an experience for you and your needs, however, I feel 6-hours is the least amount of time needed to accurately capture an insight into a day in your life. It allows me to capture not only pictures but a story--your story. Choose the hours that you feel are the most important to capture. Maybe your favorite time is when the kids are waking up or when you're putting them to bed. Maybe it's important for you to capture dinner time around the table or all the outdoor activities that fill your day. Maybe your partner works and it's an exciting time when they return home. There is no wrong time of day to document your life. Each and every part of your day is important and unique and beautiful--even if you don't see it--but choose what's important to you. We can capture a lot in 6-hours :)

A Message From the Heart

We are all living a story, each one worthy of being documented. Allow yourself this gift. It is one you'll cherish forever.

These sessions have my heart. I'm certain they will capture yours too.

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