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What should I Expect: In-Home Lifestyle Newborn Experience | Charlotte Lifestyle Photographer

Updated: Jan 27, 2022

In-Home Lifestyle Newborn Photography | Charlotte NC | Jennifer Ann Photography
Charlotte NC In-Home Lifestyle Newborn Photography

This is a great question and, I think, commonly misunderstood.

What to Expect During an In-Home Lifestyle Newborn Session

You may be surprised, but a lifestyle newborn session isn’t just about the newborn--it's about the entire family.

It’s about connection.

It’s about capturing the newness and excitement and nurturing.

It’s about love and engagement and authenticity.

It’s about taking the time to stop and look and wonder and be in awe of your little creation(s)--as a whole.

And all this transpires in the comfort of your own home—capturing all the little details and unplanned moments. It’s a mixture of suggested posing and what comes natural.

It’s an intimate experience filled with laughter, cuddling, cooing and crying.

It's your personal, unique experience capturing what you do best: being you.

What Should I Wear?

Since my focus is more on capturing you, and not what you wear, I suggest dressing in what makes you feel your best. It should be comfortable and something that accurately reflects you and our style--whatever that looks like to you. I would suggest coordinating over matching. and avoiding loud, bright colors and clothing with visible words and logos. Colors reflect onto skin tones and certain colors are just not flattering. Visible words and logos distract the eye.

For babies--keep it simple. Onesies with little to no images, prints or words are ideal. This keeps all the focus on our baby and not on what they are wearing. As you are well aware of now, they are perfect as they are, and this session experience is the prime opportunity to let them shine:

Their skin.

Their rolls.

Their wrinkles.

The way the curl up and soothe themselves.

And all of the little details that make them oh-so beautiful and unique.

What it's All About

Ultimately, this should be an enjoyable experience in the comfort of your own home. Welcoming a newborn into the family changes things, whether it's your first or fifth. It's a time when sleep is a luxury and leaving the house can feel a chore.

This should be scheduled intentional time you've set aside for your family capturing the love, the newness and the bonding--with YOU in the moment.

Mingle and chat, fluidly, and allow yourself to get comfortable in front of my camera.

Get lost in the experience--for the brief session that it is and be free to be you.

That I-have-a-beautiful-family you.

The I-am-enough you.

The kind, loving, caring, generous, compassionate you.


And let me do the rest.

*Updated October 2020

COVID has changed the way we live and think about life, our health and our experiences. Please know, that your health and your safety concerns are extremely important to me. I am happy to comply with whatever makes you feel safe and comfortable within your home. Feel free to reach out to me with any questions and./or concerns you may have.

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