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What is Lifestyle Photography & How to Prepare For It? || Charlotte NC Family Photographer

Updated: Oct 23, 2019

I've been shooting as a Lifestyle Photographer way before the term was coined; before I had a name for it; before I really knew what it was, and waaaay before I ever thought about being a professional photographer. It's what came natural to me. It's what I wanted still memories of because that is what our pictures should do: bring us back to a time and a place. It should stir fond memories and laughter and remind you of things you may have long forgotten.

As a lifestyle photographer, my purpose is to capture moments that evoke emotion. It’s what I set out to do every. single. time. Simply put, a lifestyle photography session is scheduled, intentional bonding time with your family with some guidance from me. We will chat. You will play. You will bond with your family the way only you know how to do. And I will be there to capture it.

Because this is something I have practiced for many years, I understand it. I get it. It makes sense to me. Yet, as familiar as I am with the Lifestyle Photography genre, I still get a lot of the same questions: What exactly is a Lifestyle Session? What do I do? How do I prepare? What can I expect?

I hear ya, my friends. I really do. And I get it. They are all great questions and ones you should be asking your photographer. And it is my job to educate you.

If you are the slightest bit curious about what a Lifestyle Photography session is and interested in knowing how to prepare for one, this is the blog post for you. It's why I created a FAQ page. It was created with you in mind and created to answer any questions you may have. Follow the link to find out how you can prepare for your Lifestyle (or DITL) Photography experience.

Curious? Interested? Have Questions? This is the place for you: FAQ

Then, if you think we are the right fit, and that I can serve your photography needs, head on over to my contact page (with no pressure or obligation) to get things started. I'd love to tell your story and document your life at this moment in time.

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