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Why I "Chose" Lifestyle Photography | Charlotte-Area Lifestyle & DITL Photographer

Updated: Apr 29, 2020

From the time my youngest was born, her grandmother frequently requested pictures of her.

This was pre-smartphone days. To age myself more, this was before I even owned a cell phone, and bag phones were all the rage. This was most definitely before I owned a decent camera (think disposable), and it was before "Lifestyle Photography" was a thing.

She was pretty persistent in her requests, and I have to admit, the idea of dressing my daughter up in clothes she would not normally wear, sitting her on a roll of carpet with my choice of muslin backdrops did not excite me. Even when this was the "norm", it felt inauthentic.

But I went.

I put her in that dress that she never wore again, sat her on a bench, chose the least offensive backdrop and we began our attempts to make her smile. It didn't happen that day. And that was ok. I didn't feel the need to make her smile, but the overall experience felt disingenuous to her as well. And I understood.

Nearly my entire life I have shied away from the camera. There are many reasons for this--most of them falsely rooted from deep negative self-beliefs, but the truth is, it never felt natural to look into a camera and smile. Not for me.

I wanted to be #captured in the moment--laughing & smiling--or not--authentically; I wanted to be captured doing the things that came naturally to me--when I was doing them naturally. It was somewhere in those lost moments that I realized I could be the solution to what was missing in the photography world for me at that time: Lifestyle Photography.

I realized I could be the one to capture my toddler--outdoors, running, playing, hula-hooping, climbing--barefoot and dirty. I could be the one to capture her unique spirit.

And that's what I did. The problem I didn't solve? Me being in the photos.

I've spent many years documenting my children--mostly with my absence because I was the one behind the camera.

I often think about when I am nothing more than a memory, what tangible things will my children have to accompany them? It won't be many photos from their youth with me in them--and that saddens me.

But it brings me to my "why". Why I started a photography business. Why I went from hobbyist (many, many, many years) to pro. Why I offer Lifestyle & Day In The Life Photography experiences.

It's because I want to capture you.

You with your children, your partner, your loved ones. You engaged with them--holding, cuddling, touching, laughing, playing--because THIS is what brings you joy. Because these are the things that you truly value and cherish. Because I want you in it--captured alongside your family doing what you do best. Being you.

I'd love to be the one behind the lens for you.


*photos scanned in "professionally" (aka--cellphone scanning)

Grandmother & 3-month old granddaughter sitting on the living room floor playing with their dog.
Sherry M: Grandmother and encourager of studio photography (see below) with my oldest daughter, Kirsten (3-months) & Sheba (chow) Sheba & Kirsten shared the same birthday. Sherry & Sheba have since left this physical world. We sure do miss them.

Old-school photos, disposable cameras, film, document your days
My "whys" // May 25, 2004

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