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School is in FULL swing for most of you, but it also may look a lot different since COVID came to town.

For some of us, change is not welcome. It's something that we resist and try to avoid--even if it's good for us. Then, occasionally, that is change good. Take my School Photography Refined Mini Sessions for instance.


This is a good thing. School Photography Refined was created to give you school-like portraits that you will actually love and want to purchase.

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So, for this Fall, I am offering a very limited number of School Photography Refined Mini sessions. These mini portrait sessions will be taken with a lifestyle approach to capturing your child's spirit and personality. It's the perfect way to get an updated portrait or two of your kiddos--the ones that Grandma wants ;)

You can expect 3-5 images each (presented in both color and black & white). These will be sent to you within 4-weeks of your session.


What? A 15-minute mini-session taken with a black backdrop (for up to 3 children of the same family) 


Where? The location is decided by the photographer. For individual families, these can be done at your home. All I need is enough space for a 6' x 4' pop-up backdrop & one window for natural light.


When? Because these sessions take place indoors, late mornings/early afternoons work best when using available natural light indoors. If shooting outdoors, a covered area must be available for proper shade and lighting.



$50 (+ sales tax) non-refundable sitting fee. Digital images are included with additional print and other print products available for purchase from your online gallery. Your online gallery will include 3-5 digital images of each child (presented in both color and black & white) and will be made available within 4-weeks of your session.


**Please note: This is NOT a family session. These minis are for children’s portraits only. Each mini session can accommodate up to 3 children. If you have more than 3 children, please reserve multiple time slots back to back, then reach out to me about a multiple session discount of $25 for a sibling add-on.



$50 (+ sales tax) non-refundable sitting fee. Digitals images are included with additional prints, print products, and print collections available for purchase directly from your gallery. Click here for a detailed list of products and pricing.


What makes this exclusive?

Because you are a returning client, you get exclusive pricing. When offered publicly, the sitting fee is $75 with NO DIGITALS. All images—digitals and/or prints must be purchased, and I will accommodate only 2 children per 15-minute session. It’s another way for me to thank each and every one of you for your continued support.

If you have friends and family that may be interested, encourage them to sign up for my newsletter to get this exclusive offer.  Additionally, if you have connections with daycares that may be interested in sharing this offer with their families, please share this with them as well!  

Ready to book your session? Click the link below to get started:

*Please note: $50 (+ sales tax) sitting fee must be paid immediately upon reserving your session.

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