Self-Love Sessions

If you're familiar with my work, you know for years my primary focus has been on children and families. There is so much change and love and innocence and authenticity in the stages and phases of life when our children are young--things that I love, moments that pass quickly, memories I've also missed which fueled my primary drive to offer those experiences to families who acknowledge the importance of documenting that time when it's happening

What you might not know is that in the 5 years I've been doing this professionally, I've poured myself into self development. I've become more growth oriented and more mindful of the way I think, speak, behave and I've been reevaluating my photography experiences to also reflect my personal stage and phase in life.

And This Is How & Why the Self-Love Sessions Were Born


Self-Love Sessions are born out of another acknowledgement: the importance of self recognition, celebration and doing something simply for ourselves. Mother's in particular have a tendency to put everyone else first. We nurture our children, our partners, our family members and our friends. We give more to others at times than we do for ourselves and we do it because, for most, that is our nature. The humbleness of giving, followed by the guilt of taking time for ourselves because there is always something else to do. Can you relate?



So what changed? I did.

I invested in coaching. I invested in mentoring. I invested in me.

It has been the most rewarding, challenging, humbling, emotional, spiritual and eye-opening journey I have embarked on yet, and the growth and change I've experienced has been truly transformational--and it's only the beginning. It's truly a lifelong journey of striving to be the best, most authentic version of myself--imperfections and all.

So in honor of this self discovery, in honor of doing things just for me, I am now offering Self Love Sessions.

It's an hour of lifestyle coverage where you get to show up and express your uniqueness; feel, look and BE beautiful; a brief experience that's all about you. An opportunity to be seen, heard  and understood. This is just for you, my beautiful friend.

Self-Love Sessions | A Lifestyle Photography Experience | $275+ sales tax


  • Up to 1-hour of on-location  lifestyle photography coverage 

  • All the best, edited high-resolution images uploaded to an online gallery for you to view,  print, download and share

  • Print credit for (1) 8 x 10 fine art print to use when purchasing from your online gallery