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Valentine's Day 2021 FREEBIES

Personalized Valentine Cards

Below are your Valentine's Day Card Templates. The examples on the left show you what your your card will look like when you place your image in the space provided. It is also a clickable image that will download your template. The examples on the right are also clickable and will download a Photoshop file (PSD file) for editing and adding your own image. If you're not so tech-savvy, please send your images to me by 4pm on Saturday Feb 6, and I will email the custom file to you by Monday, Feb 8

Email Instructions:


Subject: FREE VDay Card TemplateTemplates + (Your Name)

Attach your images and choose your preferred orientation (Portrait = Vertical image or Landscape = Horizontal image). You will receive one custom digital file template per image with permission to print as many copies as you’d like.


Feel free to include any additional questions you may have.

PDF downloadable file:
( 5x7)


PSD downloadable file

 (5 x 7)


Kids Cut-Out Valentine Cards

Click the image below to access and download the Kids Cut-Out Mini Valentine's Day cards. Format is 8.5 x 11 with 10 business-card sized cut-outs. 

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