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Elopements + Intimate Weddings

lifestyle + documentary photography


To Escape.

Traditionally, and historically, "Elope" meant to "run away--to escape--and secretly get married. " 

I believe it has evolved to something much more beautiful and sacred and special than that. No longer does Eloping need to be secretive nor does it have to mean traveling to some far off place. To choose to Elope is simply a shift in perspective with the primary focus on your commitment and love for each other. It's placing your time and investment into the most important parts of your day, because, let's face it, a big wedding, for some, can feel overwhelming--a bit too much. There is so much pressure to create the perfect event for--everyone else. 

I'm here to tell you--it's ok to Elope. It's ok to plan your joining-as-one around the two of you. It's ok to create and share your vows in your own personal way. It's ok to have the simplest of ceremonies, with the greatest meaning, without the party, without the performances--just presence and love. And you can do it anywhere at any time. 

My Elopement Collection provides up to 5-hours of documentary & lifestyle photography coverage (collection details below). This is the perfect amount of time to enjoy yourselves getting ready, sharing vows, exploring and finding the perfect locations for shooting while capturing your personal story. 



Maybe an Elopement isn’t for you.


You have family, friends, and loved ones that are near-and-dear to you, and you can’t imagine celebrating any big life event without them.

You appreciate the traditional celebration of a traditional wedding yet without the daunting size, cost, and commitment.

You prefer intimate gatherings and celebrations—ones that allow the time and the appreciation of 1:1 engagement with those that matter most in your lives.


Then an Intimate Wedding is for you.


They are planned for intimacy and with a very personal, very small event in mind. Think 35 guests or less. 


Whichever you decide--my role is to document up to 5 hours of your very special day capturing all the details, moments, memories, and people that will make this day all the more special. You get to fully enjoy everything you have put months into planning and preparing while I capture it. 

Think there's an option right for you? Let's chat.

Photography should capture images you love. Not just now. Not just for that moment, but for years to come. These are images that will appreciate in value over the years. Images that will take you back to that place and moment. Images you'll be proud to print and share. Booking an Elopement or Intimate wedding photography experience is not just a monetary investment, it's an investment in your memories--your love, your commitment--while you stay present and in the moment with your love. 

This is meaningful, emotive imagery documented with passion and purpose--authentically, beautifully and creatively. I look forward to the privilege of serving you during this memorable occassion.

Elopement + Intimate Wedding Collections | $2222



Lifestyle & Documentary photography coverage up to 5-hours

(Elopements = 5 guests or less; Intimate Weddings = 35 guests or less)


Travel included within 90-miles of zip code 28128

(travel fees incurred for locations outside this area)


Online gallery with all the best, edited, high-resolution images with print options available

directly from your gallery


Unlimited downloads and ability to share with family & friends


One (1) custom hardcover linen photo album


*Additional photography coverage can be booked in 1-hour increments up to 2 more additional hours

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