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5 Advantages of a Fitness Challenge And How They Can Help You Achieve Your Goals

Updated: Sep 15, 2020


August 31, 2020

I’ve decided that I like challenges.

Let me clarify—I like challenges I choose.

I’ve had my fair share of personal challenges lately, but what I have come to realize is that I like is a good fitness challenge.

I am not one that lives to get a workout in, but movement—and movement that I enjoy (and typically 30-minutes or less)—is important to me.

Here are 5 reasons I find fitness challenges appealing:

1. They are generally brief. Meaning, they have a specific start + end time. If I don’t change things up, I get bored pretty quickly so knowing there is an “end” date, I feel like I’m “getting somewhere”. Something about checking off the completed days feels good. Then, I’m on to something new.

2. It creates a habit. A good one. Some habits are bad. Others are good. Getting in some kind of fitness is most definitely a good habit to have. If you’re new to exercise or have fallen off the wagon, challenges are a great way to get started (again), explore new exercises, create consistency, and restore commitment. Win. Win. Win. Win. Win ;)

3. It’s better together. Challenges are typically shared and completed with a partner, friend, child, family, or a group because doing it by yourself can get boring. It makes your fitness challenge more enjoyable, it offers accountability, support, momentum and, I find it makes the time invested go by much faster. It’s a little bit of me time, friend time, family time—time to improve my fitness, health, and mind!

4. It’s already been created—by someone else. I have enough I have to create and plan daily. Creating my own fitness plan/routine does not make the cut. I like to trust the experts and find a challenge that suits my interests, my needs, my goals, and my available time.

And my personal favorite…

5. It gives purpose to working out. With purpose comes a greater chance that you will stick to something long-term. Again, challenges offer specific date ranges, and most likely, a specific goal—the very reason for choosing a specific challenge. It’s probably one you feel is do-able yet challenging, it’s goal specific and usually long enough to see some results--no matter how small. Purpose creates commitment. Commitment = results.

So, I managed to complete the August challenge: 31-5Ks in 31-Days (+ 31 daily push-ups & 3-minutes 10-sec planks) and started a couple of new ones via the FitOn fitness app, but I'm already planning for October. Any suggestions? I’m always looking for something new!

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