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The Mom Who Wasn't There

Updated: Nov 7, 2019

A dear friend and fellow entrepreneur shared the following article with me:

It hit home. And it hit hard.

I spend a tremendous amount of time behind the camera—documenting my family and the lives of many others, yet, if you were to scroll through my catalog of images you’d be hard pressed to find pictures of me.

That is slowly changing.

This is just another reason why I offer DITL sessions. It’s at the heart of what I do.

You—my other mothers—you need to see the value in your day.

You need to see the importance of what you do.

You need to see yourself in those moments.

Get in front of the camera--sans make-up, messy hair, in those sweats you’ve worn for 3 days. Make that selfie--or contact me.

Your children will treasure them.

You will treasure them.

10, 20, 40 years from now these images will have the most value of all your possessions.

Read the article and if it resonates with you. Puts a lump in your throat. An ache in your chest—get in front of the camera.

Do it.

This is your life and it is beautiful.

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